Caizarlu Zerren

An ex-Sczarni Necromancer


An elderly gentleman with a dark hobby.


Caizarlu was a member of the Magnimar Sczarni gang known as the Gallowed in his youth, but his dalliances in necromancy eventually went too far even for his fellow criminals, and they ran him out of town. In true Sczarni style, as he fled, the necromancer stole a small fortune in gemstones and jewels. The necromancer spent several months drifting from town to town in Western Varisia, but when he heard rumors that a man was looking for an investor to help run a Sanatorium, Caizarlu realized that not only was this an excellent opportunity to get himself a new base of operations hidden from the Sczarni (who he could only assume were still hunting for him to reclaim those stolen jewels), but also that a Sanatorium would be an excellent place to harvest raw materials for his necromantic experiments.

Caizarlu Zerren

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