Jargie Quinn

Tavern Keeper at the Hagfish & Yarn Spinner


A surprisingly chipper old man with one blind eye and a loud, scratchy laugh. One will notice a wooden tapping as he shuffles along, since one of his legs was mysteriously lost in a fishing accident and has been replaced with a wooden one. He has told a million stories about the origin of the leg, but no one knows the true story.


Jargie is the tavern keeper at the Hagfish, a tavern popular with sailors and fishmen. Jargie was once himself a fisherman, but lost his leg in a mysterious accident. If asked (or not) he will tell you one of many stories about his battle with “’Ole Murdermaw,” a legendary giant red snapper living in the Varisian Gulf.

Jargie also loves to challenge the patrons in his bar to drinking the sludgy water from Norah, the hagfish’s, tank. Few have the constitution to keep the foul-smelling brown liquid down, but in the ten years since Jargie has been in business, about 28 names have been carved into the ceiling above the aquarium. Among the names include the late Sheriff Casp Avertin as well as most recently, Truce Benetar. Along with one’s name being carved into the ceiling for all to admire, the winner also receives a bag of silver from the ones who had tried and failed before.

Jargie Quinn

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