Kaye Tesarani

Madame of the Pixie's Kitten


An elegant beauty with a far-off accent. She always dresses well, ever the modest hostess. She is fiercely protective of her girls, and while she may not look it, she is rather sharp tongued to those who cross her.


Kaye is the madame at the Pixie’s Kitten, the only brothel in town. She employs eight girls and treat all of them with the utmost respect and dignity. She keeps two Shoanti toughs as her bouncers, just in case any of the patrons get too rough with her precious girls.

She maintains a not-so-secret romance with Sheriff Hemlock, who tries to keep his visits discrete and private. She is very loyal to him, and trusts his judgement and protection of her establishment.

Kaye Tesarani

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