Shalelu Andosana

Elven Ranger, Bounty Hunter


Shalelu is a strong, radiant, silver haired elven woman. Although she has delicate features, she is a passionate and cunning bounty hunter working for the town of Sandpoint.


Shalelu was originally from a small village called Crying Leaf, located in Varisia’s Mierani forest. Her father was a member of the Lantern Bearers and she trained with the Celwynvian guard, learning her current skillset from the protectors of the ancient elven capital.

During her latest visit to Sandpoint, she met up with the newest citizens and the proclaimed heroes of Sandpoint, accompanying them on their trip to Thistletop and fighting side by side to stop Nualia and her companions. Shedding blood and bringing justice for Sandpoint brought her closer to the ragtag group, and in particular to one member.

With a shared sense of justice and duty, she became smitten with Corum Sartis, the handsome half-elf synthesist, and fell into an intimate relationship with him. While normally not one to stick around town for more than a day, Shalelu has found herself resistant to leave, although duty calls her back out to the forests, as well as a mission to bring her new drow friend Xorra’Xan to her hometown of Crying Leaf.

Upon reuniting with her sweetheart, Shalelu learned that the group of adventurers was headed North West for Turtleback Ferry in order to investigate the sudden silence from the Black Arrows that protect the region. Despite the protests of Corum, the elf decided to join them on their journey.

Shalelu Andosana

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