Choppers Journal

Calistril (feb) 14, 4679

Spent the last week in Sandpoint, a little town a few days from Magnimar. Been wandering so long it’s nice to have a quiet town to spend some time in. The people are nice and I’ve made enough money to stay at a decent little inn called the Red Dragon. The inn keeper was a little rude but the room’s a lot more comfortable than a tent.

Calistril (feb) 26, 4679

I’ve made more coin here than I ever did in Magnimar or on that wretched farm. I’m thinking of renting a room for a while. This place is sort of growing on me. Everywhere I look I see a bird waiting to be freed by my hands.

Abadius (jan) 24, 4683

Saw one of our old neighbors at the market today. He kept going on and on about how “a son should be there for his family” and how if his sons ever ran off like I did he’d ring their heads like bells. Blubbering idiot never even realized he did ring my head like a bell. For years. I’d been a moment away from throwing my carving knife at him when Father Ezakien Tobyn noticed us and struck up a conversation with the old coot. I’d sooner go to all the layers of all the hells before I went back to that hellhole.

Sarenith (june) 24, 4687

I’ve decided to move to the isle north of town. The climb is treacherous but the birds there are so beautiful and so far from town they don’t even seem to notice me. Several people in town seem surprisingly supportive. Mayor Deverin even convinced old Battlehorn to build me a set of stairs from the beach all the way to the top of the isle. We start construction tomorrow.

Erastus (july) 5, 4687

That idiot Battlehorn is an affront to talented wood-crafters everywhere. That fool was trying to use just any old wood for the door and rails and got testy when i insisted they use the best wood for carving. They’re called Stoots for a reason! This is what I do and he presumed to tell me that I was being picky. Mayor Deverin managed to separate us before I punched him, but only just barely. At least here I’ll be away from the idiots in town, alone with my art and the birds.

Rova (sept) 19, 4687.

I’ve done more carvings in these past few weeks than I did in almost all my time in town. I can hear the birds singing to me from all across the island. I’ve seen them in my dreams, beautiful, deadly hunters, swooping down to grab mice and rats from the fields before vanishing into the horizon.

Neth (nov) 26, 4689

It’s been so many years but i still sometimes have nightmares about him. This time I was sleeping in the field, using my cloak as a pillow when he attacked me. He was choking me, punching me, and yelling about how I was lazy and useless and the reason mother left. I couldn't fight him. my knife was too far away and he was on top of me… And then suddenly – he was gone. I looked up and a magnificent creature had snatched me away. It had the legs of an eagle and huge black eyes and two sets of magnificent eagle wings, each longer than twice my arm span. “He’s gone, child.” the creature told me, “He cannot hurt you here.” I thanked the creature and he smiled at me, hooting happily. “All I ask is that you free the spirits you find. They are so desperate to finally be free, like yourself."

Pharast (march) 17, 4690

I’ve finally found it. The bird king’s secret chamber has finally been reopened. He’ll be so pleased. the massive statue I found depicts him a little differently than I anticipated, but my nights have been blessedly calm and quiet.

Gozran (april) 3, 4690

Enderaki Sorn loaned me a book that regards the bird king. He seemed surprised to see me but let me in all the same. When I looked at the Stoot i’d left on his railing it seemed to sprout a second pair of wings and turn to watch me as I walked in.

Desnus (may) 8, 4697

Lord Pazuzu has offered me a great gift. He says a great and powerful winged beast has been hunting in these lands lately and that he’d very much like to baptize this creature as his newest servant. He promised that if I succeed, he shall grant me the power to claw out my father’s eyes and rip his venomous tongue from his mouth.

Desnus (may) 24, 4697

The beast is smarter than I anticipated but also utterly uninterested in my lord’s offer. When I pressed more earnestly the beast breathed a pillar of fire at me. I just managed to duck out of the way. Perhaps my lord will grant me another task, one less likely to get me killed.

Lamashtan (oct) 19, 4697

Lord Pazuzu was most displeased that I'd not managed to secure him the servitude of the damnable mule. He promised that he’d grant me another task but that first I must complete the excavation of the rest of his temple.

Arodus (aug) 28, 4699

Father Ezakien Tobyn came to see me today. He complimented my birds but seemed surprised when he noticed the bird king’s holy text on my table. He talked about how “Demons are not to be trusted” and “we’re here for you, Jervis”. Oh yeah, like they’d been when I was a child, eh? When my father beat me blue and chased off mother? I’ve seen the way he hides away that daughter of his- he’s just the same. A controlling old bastard more interested in forcing his child down his own narrow path than actually listening to what they have to say. I slammed the door in his face after giving him a piece of my mind. I doubt anyone will be back soon.

Kuthona (dec) 28, 4701

That damned town with their foolish holidays. I watched the dances and the bonfire from my bedroom window. I carved birds onto every building in that greedy little town and no one even knit me a pair of socks. They pass around that stupid zon-zon doll whispering forgiveness. Some things are unforgivable. The god of pain and loss should understand that.

Kuthona (dec) 29, 4701

Lord Pazuzu has granted me a second chance. Releasing the souls of these idiot townsfolk will sufficiently power him to finally grant me the power to end those who’ve wronged me. I slipped into town under the cover of darkness. That idiot boy wasn’t even wearing his shiny armor. The knife sank through his heart soft and true. I left his body but brought his eyes and tongue back to my Lord’s table as a gift.

Abadius (jan) 2, 4702

That fool Das should know the pain I’ve felt. He was always too loud, too arrogant, too happy. When I stumbled into his young wife on my hunt, I knew just the way to punish that bastard. I slit her throat neatly and didn’t even see the boy until she’d fallen, showering him with her blood. I smiled and almost giggled. Lord Pazuzu could always use new servants! I took the boy home with me. I’ve only given him some water. soon enough, he’ll realize how generous Lord Pazuzu can be.

Abadius (jan) 12, 4702

The boy learns quickly. His left arm is a beautiful pink array of crude but deep carved birds. tomorrow I’ll bring him another plaything and we can decorate them together. For now at least, I've started feeding him. He’s quiet but I can see my Lord’s righteous fury in the boy’s eyes when he carves himself.

Abadius (jan) 22, 4702

I’ve been so busy I hardly have time to write! My dear apprentice has learned so much so quickly. His quick little hands carve faster than mine, although not as neatly. He prays to Lord Pazuzu with me every night but still stares at his mother’s tongue rather than the idol of our god. I think warning him that his tongue could join hers might be motive enough for him to show his Lord the proper devotion. Soon enough he will be joining her nonetheless.

Abadius (jan) 26, 4707

That damned Sheriff Avertin has been just around the corner for too many hunts now. I shall have to offer him up to my Lord as well. He is quick, however, and handy with his sword. Bless my endeavors, Lord Pazuzu. Ensure my safe return to your side and do not let me be struck down by the swords of my enemies. Soon, so soon I shall see my father’s eyes and tongue sitting next to those of the foolish idiots of Sandpoint

Choppers Journal

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